Aditya Mittal’s Projects:

Created: Feb 26, 2007


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Fierce Game of Foolish Geniuses: The Opening of Chess  1

ALU Chip Design  1

CPU Design  2

Nachos  3

Temperature and Pressure Sensor 3

Gold Cylindrical Optical Fiber 3

NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) 3

Thin Film Deposition and Measurement 4

Electrical Waves and Impedance Matching  4

LHCb at CERN   4

MultiTouch Interaction Game Table  5

Others  5


Fierce Game of Foolish Geniuses: The Opening of Chess – Aditya Mittal’s first book authored at age 17.  Plastic pieces play chess move by move. The king yells and two pawns have an intellectual conversation about Napoleon. In the background, a soul chronicles the story of robotic evolution as the same game is played between humans and robots.


ALU Chip Design – Designed a simple 8 Bit ALU using Cadence/Synopsis software tools and sent it for fabrication through MOSIS.  It was the main project for VLSI course at Syracuse University.



CPU Design – Designed, Simulated, and Tested a full working CPU in VHDL.  It was the main project for the Digital Machine Design Course at Syracuse University.


Nachos – Nachos is the core of an operating system, without most of the features.  So for operating systems class Aditya Mittal developed more functionality for it such as the ability to group threads into processes and do context switching, allow multiprogramming, and memory management through paging.


Temperature and Pressure Sensor – Junior Design project at Syracuse University Aditya Mittal developed a temperature and pressure sensor device from thermistor and crystal circuit design and calibrated the temperature using Steinhart Hart Thermistor Equation.  It was developed using the Motorola Microprocessor.





Gold Cylindrical Optical Fiber – Aditya Mittal worked in the fiber optics lab and coated Optical Fiber core with thin films of gold of about 5 nm.  He worked under Professor Phillip Kornreich as an independent study student.



NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) – Measured the free induction decay curves of glycerin and mineral oil to attain values of spin-lattice and spin-spin relaxation times using a variety of methods such as Meiboom-Gill.



Thin Film Deposition and Measurement ­– Deposited thin aluminum films on glass under a mask and determined the variations in its resistivity with thickness, shape, length etc.  The picture shows sticking copper wires onto the aluminum films using little bits of Indium.



Electrical Waves and Impedance Matching – Explored terminating transmission lines with various characteristic impedance circuits.  Report available at



LHCb at CERNLHCb is the beauty quark project at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.  Aditya Mittal worked as an independent study under Marina Artuoso of Syracuse University on study and development for the VELO (Vertex Locator) TELL1 Clusterization and Pedestal Subtraction Algorithms.  The development platform was Quartus II for the Altera FPGA.


MultiTouch Interaction Game Table – Aditya Mittal’s Senior Design Project at Syracuse University is a MultiTouch (Finger and Hand Gesture based touch screen) table on which games can be played and other software can also be simulated and used.  The hardware table was built and drivers for the table were coded using C# and COM objects were registered so that other software can interact with it through getting the finger gestures as COM components.  Otherwise an executable which works by using COM objects to generate mouse and keyboard events is also provided so all keyboard and mouse based software remain compatible.  DShow and Win32 have been used to program the driver.  See




Finally, we got the table working, fully interfaced with the Windows OS to do right clicks and double clicks and selection boxes etc. in time for the IEEE contest and won the award for being the MOST INNOVATIVE PROJECT.  Microsoft is now releasing something similar.





Others – Chemistry Titrations, Muon Lifetime measurement, Photoelectric Effect, Optics, Magnetic Torque, Frank-Hertz Experiment, Thin Film Deposition, Gravity experiments, Speed of Light using Foucault’s Method, Error Analysis Experiments, Open Source Development (IBM National level runner up award for Open Office Development for Accessibility), there is an extensive list of other projects for web development and games etc. using flash, java applets, and graphics design.


Furthermore, we had some fun with the “Non-Newtonian fluid” on Mayfest.

 Thanks to Sam Sampere in the Physics Department at Syracuse University.